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Why Getting an MBA is Still a Game Changer in 2019

Posted by Rebecca Esposito on Apr 5, 2019, 6:34:00 AM

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As a future leader in the field of business, you should be asking yourself one very important question: What graduate degree is going to equip me with the knowledge, skills, and acumen needed to establish myself as a force to be reckoned with — even in an ultra-competitive and multifaceted field like business?

Well, we're here to tell you why you should consider the traditional MBA, and we'll give you several research studies to back up our claim as well as several updates to Marymount University's own MBA program.

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An MBA will teach you the "nuts and bolts" of business.

According to a recent article by The Guardian, an MBA program is designed to "nurture the soft skills demanded by blue-chip companies — leadership, empathy, and global awareness — as well as the nuts and bolts of business."

In other words, the MBA has a broad curriculum and the option for areas in which to specialize, making it an attractive option for both business employers and aspiring business leaders hoping to establish themselves squarely in the forefront of other qualified professionals (more on this below!).

Certain MBA programs allow you to customize your coursework.

While an MBA program will teach you the must-know skills needed to succeed in an evolving professional landscape, many MBA programs actually allow students to augment their coursework by adding a specialization.

For instance, Marymount's MBA program allows MBA students  to customize their coursework by adding one of two specializationsData Analytics and Leadership (with a specialization, the MBA can be completed in 45 credits).

Data Analytics Specialty:

Students will take the core courses outlined under Program Requirements and the following three courses:
  • IT 540 Enterprise Data Management and Analysis
  • IT 546 Principles of Data Science
  • HRM 586 People Analytics

Leadership Specialty:

Students will take the core courses outlined under Program Requirements and the following three courses:
  • MGT 502 Leading Collaboration and Innovation
  • MGT 590 Organization Policy and Strategy
  • OD 521 Organization Change and Development

An MBA is a strategic option for would-be entrepreneurs.

"If you are interested in business, or likely to be in business, an MBA is very useful. But, what is really important is what you bring to a class in terms of being interested in the subject." Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway

There are many entrepreneurs that started their successful business ventures with an MBA. For instance, these renowned entrepreneurs hold an MBA (and are worth billions):

  • Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway)
  • Phil Knight (Nike, co-founder)
  • Meg Whitman (eBay)

Other entrepreneurs who hold an MBA include:

  • Elon Musk (SpaceX)
  • Michael Bloomberg (Bloomberg L.P)
  • Scott McNealy ( Sun Microsystems)
  • Frank Batten (Weather Channel)

Because an MBA teaches you business acumen and leadership skills, it's a great launchpad for aspiring entrepreneurs hoping to jumpstart their own businesses.

Many MBA programs are offered online and thus, accessible.

If you're working a full-time job, planning on making a career shift, or simply unable to jump right into a graduate program post-bachelor's without having some kind of an income, an Online MBA program could be the perfect choice for you.

Many school are offering Online MBA options in order to make it possible for aspiring graduate students to advance their education. According to a recent Forbes article,

"What's behind their popularity? For one thing, you don't have to quit a job you already have to get your MBA. An online option provides maximum flexibility for a student. If you are a road warrior, who is often traveling for work, you can do your classwork and assignments from anywhere, including an airplane equipped with Wifi or a hotel room."

Introducing Marymount University's MBA Program:

Marymount’s MBA program embodies three core attributes: quality, flexibility, and value.

Marymout MBA core attributes are quality flexibility and value

The business professionals at Marymount understand that life is about finding balance, and therefore, we try to accommodate the different learning styles of working professionals. For that reason, we're committed to helping our MBA students accelerate their careers by providing them with flexible options for customizing their MBA coursework.

  • MBA students can take a mix of in-person and online classes — year around.
  • MBA students at Marymount can complete the program in just 36 credits.
  • MBA students are now able to augment their coursework with one of two specializations: Data Analytics and Leadership (with a specialization, the MBA can be completed in 45 credits).
  • Marymount’s MBA program is accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Through a rigorous blend of best practices and practical application, Marymount’s MBA program will prepare you to identify emerging business problems, think critically about options and design, as well as recommend and manage effective solutions in an evolving global world.

By utilizing the flexible online courses, you can customize each semester based on your schedule and get the knowledge and tools needed to sharpen your professional edge and better compete in today’s dynamic environment.

We invite you to request more information today!

If you’re interested in learning more about our MBA program, we hope you'll download our resource: A Guide to Pursuing a Master of Business Administration.


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Posted by Rebecca Esposito

Rebecca Esposito is the Associate Director for Graduate Enrollment Services at Marymount University. She works with students interested in all School of Business and Technology programs. Prior to joining Marymount, she worked with undergraduate students across the state of Texas, where she also earned her M.Ed in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies.

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