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Oezge Kocak

Oezge is the Social Media Marketing Scholar for the Office of Undergraduate Admission. She is a transfer student in the Class of 2019, studying Political Science and International Studies.

Recent Posts

College Application & Admissions Tips

9 Practical Time Management Tips for College-Bound Students

As a student, managing your time can be a difficult task, but your ability to manage your time effectively will be one of the key determinants ...
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Oezge Kocak on 2/7/19 6:33 AM

Transfer Resources

4 Ways to Make Your Transfer Experience a Positive One

As a first-year student in Germany, I started acclimating to student life, making new friends, and building relations with my professors. ...
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Oezge Kocak on 4/12/18 6:34 AM

Transfer Resources, Marymount Student Stories

5 Ways to Better Adapt to Campus Life as a Transfer Student

The other day, one of my new classmates told me he was having a hard time adapting to university life as a transfer student. Immediately, I ...
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Oezge Kocak on 3/15/18 6:32 AM

College Resources, Marymount Student Stories

How to Be an "A" Student (Without Losing Your Mind)

It’s arguable that one of the greatest struggles for college students is finding a balance between academic and social life. You may think ...
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Oezge Kocak on 2/1/18 6:34 AM

DC-Related Resources

5 Holiday Attractions You Must See in the DC Area (Before It's Too Late!)

Whether you’re originally from the D.C. area or not, there’s no denying that D.C. is home to many holidays attractions — many of which are ...
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Oezge Kocak on 12/20/17 7:08 AM

College Application & Admissions Tips, Marymount Student Stories

How To Thrive (Not Just Survive) in Your First Semester At Marymount University

Hopefully my catchy title got you wondering what the difference is between thriving and surviving in college. As a transfer student, I have ...
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Oezge Kocak on 12/14/17 6:18 AM

Marymount Student Stories

Student Perspective: 5 Reasons You Should Consider Going to a Small School

  When you begin your college search, whether or not you decide to attend a large or small university really depends on your personal ...
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Oezge Kocak on 12/7/17 6:43 AM

College Resources

4 Ways College Students Can Start Building a Network in DC

College students are (or should be) focused on successfully completing their four-year degree. But in the midst of homework, tests, and social ...
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Oezge Kocak on 10/16/17 6:49 AM