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Financial Aid, College Application & Admissions Tips

7 Crazy Weird & Downright Outrageous Scholarships for the College-Bound Student

Securing a scholarship isn’t always about good grades, impressive test scores, and expansive volunteer experience. While all of these factors ...
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Dalena Harris on 2/22/18 6:24 AM

College Application & Admissions Tips, College Test Prep

5 Facts About Marymount’s Test-Optional Admissions Choice

Do you get a knot in your stomach when you think about taking a college-required standardized test?  If so, you’re not alone. Many prospective ...
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Scott Fuller on 2/15/18 6:29 AM

College Application & Admissions Tips, College Test Prep

5 Apps to Help You Rock the SAT/ACT

Since most colleges recommend or require you to submit your ACT/SAT score, there's so much pressure to do well on standardized tests. But in a ...
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Scott Fuller on 2/8/18 6:36 AM

College Resources, Marymount Student Stories

How to Be an "A" Student (Without Losing Your Mind)

It’s arguable that one of the greatest struggles for college students is finding a balance between academic and social life. You may think ...
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Ozzy Kocak on 2/1/18 6:34 AM

Marymount’s Undergraduate Events & Info

Marymount is Hosting a Unique Event this Weekend: My University Journey - Pathways to Business & ...

Are you an aspiring business or technology student? Do you want to boost your competitive edge during the college admissions process? Do you ...
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Dalena Harris on 1/25/18 6:49 AM

Undergraduate Majors & Programs, Marymount Student Stories

My Experience as an Undergraduate Business Student

There's a reason that business-related college degrees remain some of the most popular degrees, year after year. Here at Marymount University, ...
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Dalena Harris on 1/18/18 6:13 AM

Marymount Student Stories

Why I Think You Should Consider Marymount for Undergrad

My name is Dalena Harris, and I work in Marymount University's Undergraduate Admissions Office. And while I didn't pursue my bachelor's degree ...
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Dalena Harris on 1/11/18 6:54 AM

Marymount Student Stories

From Vietnam to Arlington: Why I Came to Marymount for Interior Design

If you’re beginning your college search and if you know you're interested in interior design, you're probably aware of (and a little ...
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Hieu Trung Truong on 1/4/18 7:12 AM

DC-Related Resources

5 Holiday Attractions You Must See in the DC Area (Before It's Too Late!)

Whether you’re originally from the D.C. area or not, there’s no denying that D.C. is home to many holidays attractions — many of which are ...
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Ozzy Kocak on 12/20/17 7:08 AM

College Application & Admissions Tips, Marymount Student Stories

How To Thrive (Not Just Survive) in Your First Semester At Marymount University

Hopefully my catchy title got you wondering what the difference is between thriving and surviving in college. As a transfer student, I have ...
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Ozzy Kocak on 12/14/17 6:18 AM