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Undergraduate Majors & Programs

An Inside Look at Marymount's Cloud Computing Specialization

Technology degrees are considered some of the most sought-after and useful college degrees of the 21st century. As long as technology ...
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Scott Fuller on 8/29/19 8:24 AM

College Application & Admissions Tips, College Resources

5 Questions Juniors in High School Need to Ask Right Now

As a junior in high school, you have a lot to think about – especially when it comes to preparing for college. It’s important to remember that ...
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Scott Fuller on 8/15/19 7:29 AM

Undergraduate Majors & Programs

7 Financial Aid Options for Game Design & Development Students

You can take your love of video games and literally make a career out of it — welcome to the 21st century. How, though, you might be ...
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Scott Fuller on 8/8/19 7:49 AM

Marymount’s Undergraduate Events & Info

Future Saint Friday — 5 Practical Reasons You Need to Attend this Summer Event

Choosing where you are going to obtain your undergraduate degree is one of the most important decisions you'll make — one we know you are ...
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Scott Fuller on 7/22/19 9:19 AM

Undergraduate Majors & Programs

What Are the Top Technology Degrees to Pursue in 2020?

Are you a college-bound student passionate about STEM education? Have you narrowed down your interests to pursuing a technology degree? Do you ...
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Scott Fuller on 7/11/19 9:48 AM

Undergraduate Majors & Programs

7 Crucial Questions to Ask When Considering an Information Technology Degree

The college application and decision process comes with a whole set of challenging questions and choices, one of the most important being — ...
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Scott Fuller on 7/5/19 1:27 PM

Undergraduate Majors & Programs

What is Unique About Marymount University's Accelerated Cybersecurity Degree?

As technology becomes increasingly integrated into our everyday lives, additional security measures must be implemented to protect our data ...
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Scott Fuller on 6/27/19 10:47 AM

Business & IT Programs

What You Need to Know About Studying Cloud Computing, Data Science, or Game Design & Development

Information technology, also commonly referred to as IT, is a rapidly-evolving and expanding field that is changing the way every individual — ...
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Scott Fuller on 6/13/19 6:47 AM

Undergraduate Majors & Programs

3 Need-to-Know Tech Skills for Future Leaders in Information Technology

The field of information technology is growing rapidly, and now is the ideal time to pursue a lucrative, rewarding career in it. So what are ...
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Scott Fuller on 6/6/19 6:58 AM

College Resources

5 Podcasts Perfect for College-Bound Students

As a college-bound student, it's important to arm yourself with skills that really matter: social-awareness, critical thinking skills, problem ...
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Scott Fuller on 5/30/19 7:06 AM

Marymount Student Stories

From Marymount University to Museum Curator — Ariel's Story

I have always wanted to be a writer, but I have also always wanted to be an editor for a comic book, a publisher, an archaeologist, a ...
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Ariel McManus on 5/23/19 10:04 AM

Undergraduate Majors & Programs, College Resources

What are the Benefits of Going to a Liberal Arts School? Here are 5 You Should Consider

Critical thinking skills. Problem solving abilities. Diversity of thought and experience. These are just a few of the valuable skills you'll ...
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Scott Fuller on 5/9/19 10:08 AM